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About Rabbits

Our Breeding Program

We have been raising rabbits since 1991, and purebred Standard Rex since 1993. We sometimes have rabbits for sale. We are happy to sell rabbits for pet or show/breeding, but we DO NOT sell through third parties. That means we will not sell to pet shops and anyone interested in our rabbits must be willing to come out to the farm. Some of our available rabbits are pictured <HERE>.

If you wish to search our database of rabbit pedigrees, click here (Note: The only rabbits we have in this database are those we have owned and their ancestors.)

Current StockFor Sale
Our Current Herd What we have for sale.

Rabbit Resources on This Site

Other Rabbit Resources

American Rabbit Breeder's Association: The Major North American Association For People Who Raise Rabbits
National Rex Rabbit Breeder's Association: More About The Kind of Rabbits we Raise
Aurora Rabbits: Raising

The Rabbit Section
GI Stasis (hairballs) in Rabbits

Rabbit Colour Calculator @ Kim's Rabbit Hutch This site also has lots of other useful information.

Excellent quick guide to what your bunny's poop can tell you about his/her health. by

Obsidian Rabbitry's health page

University of Nebraska - How to pick your rabbit out of its cage. University of Nebraska - How to trim your rabbit's toenails.
University of Nebraska - Junior Showmanship (with a rex)

Our "Rent-A-Bunny" Program

We 'rent' rabbits to schools usually by the month (see our current price_list for costs). We normally have babies available from early April through October.
We feel that having animals in the classroom can be a very valuable experience but we also realize that not all teachers are prepared for the commitment of pet ownership. By “renting” a bunny, you can provide your class with the experience of having an animal to look after, but when the unit is complete, the rabbit can come back to the farm. WE ARE NOT ATTEMPTING TO SELL RABBITS THROUGH THIS PROGRAM.

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